I love my food, like most people in the world. I struggled with my weight when I was a teenager having zero knowledge or education about what I should and shouldn’t eat.
At the age of 17, I went to Weight Watchers meetings and I learned the point system and the calories in foods. This allowed me to mentally manage healthy eating and also flexible dieting. I had no idea how many calories were in an Indian korma, which is very high in calories versus an Indian vindaloo, which is quite low in calories. Weight Watchers really opened the world of nutrition to me.
Since then I have loosely stuck to the point system but I also have combined vegetarianism in my diet. I became a vegetarian mainly because of the animal-rights reasons and how we are mass consuming meat in our diet, which is unnecessary, bad for the environment and inhumane to all our beautiful furry friends. After about a few months of pure vegetarianism/veganism, I felt more energy, my skin was clearer, I was sleeping better and I felt more conscious spiritually within my whole body. I have been eating a lot more carbs that I wouldn’t have before, but after a lot of adjusting and research, I have found the right protein products such as tofu, seitan, lentils and quinoa to supplement all the protein I need to sustain a healthy diet. I will be writing different recipes on this website, all of which will be vegetarian and combining the Weight Watchers points system, and healthy eating versions of what we would cook on a day-to-day basis.