Vegetarian Dublin.

Vegetarian Dublin.

You think Ireland and you think meat and two veg.

It’s true! We are known for our roast dinners, bacon breakfasts and our stews, but as a vegetarian, I can safely say that Dublin is full of veggie delights that could rival any roast dinner.

I’ve been a vegetarian for eight years now. I started a vegetarian way of life after watching numerous documentaries, YouTube videos and realising this makes sense for the future, our health, the animals and the planet!

This article isn’t to convert anyone to vegetarianism (maybe it will, which would be amazing), but it’s to encourage people to make a start by being flexitarian. 🙂

Flexitarian’s eat mostly plant based meals but can still eat meat occasionally. They get all the health benefits of a vegetarian diet without making a full commitment. If everyone did this greenhouse gas emissions would be more than halved and we would be a kinder, more compassionate species to our furry friends. And I’m not even getting into the health benefits.

These are my Top 14 favorite vegetarian options and restaurants to eat in Dublin, (in no particular order).


Cornucopia has been a Dublin City Centre establishment for years, first opening its Wicklow Street location in 1986. I just love how it’s still thriving and better than ever.

The food is so hearty, delicious and you’re left feeling very satisfied will a full belly of goodness.

I always get the health special which includes a green juice, a soup, bread, vegan pâté and a choice of three salads all for €11.95.

The daily specials are incredible too, such as the sweet potato pie and the coconut curry.

Pro tip: They sometimes have vegan blue cheese for sale in the fridge where the drinks are and it’s really yummy and interesting to eat with crackers.

The Happy Pear

The Happy Pear have played such a major role in commercializing vegetarian food in Ireland. Their cookbooks make plant-based meals deliciously appealing and pretty damn trendy too. Their food is so warming, hearty and soothing and it’s everything you want in a warm veggie plate of goodness.

Pro tip: Next time you’re in there, get the raw vegan twix. It’s so good I could cry.

Sova Vegan Butcher

I have been to The Sova Vegan Butcher more times than I can count. When I was a meat eater I will admit, I blindly loved the taste of meat! I loved roasts, burgers and lasagne but when I found out how it got to my plate, I can never go back to eating it again.

The Vegan Butcher literally serves roast turkey dinners, burgers, lamb kebabs, replacing meat with plant based options such as tofu and tempeh and tasting way better than the meat options.

I would recommend anybody missing the taste of meat to go here and get your fill and realize you ain’t missing a thing!

I would highly recommend the burger or the tempeh chicken, coconut bacon, caesar salad.

Its also kid friendly! (Theo loves the creamy cauliflower soup). 😛

Pro tip: It’s wise to book ahead as it tends to get busy!

Happy food Yogahub

I have probably tried over a hundred veggie burgers all over the world and this is one of the best. The black bean sloppy Joe with coconut bacon is massive and mouth watering. Things can get messy which is always a good sign.

Pro tip: This restaurant stops serving food at 3pm so get in there for lunch.

Zambrero Mexican

Zambrero Mexican is not vegan but I always find delicious vegan options when I choose to eat Mexican food.

I’m obsessed with their black rice burrito bowl with all the trimmings (black beans, mixed veg, pico de galo and of course guacamole.)

Not only is it delicious but there is a social aspect involved. For every meal bought a meal is donated to someone in need.

If that isn’t soul food well I don’t know what is.

Pro tip: Try the black rice. 👌

Moodley Manor

Moodley Manor definitely play hard to get. They are not set up in a permanent shop so for now you’ll find them in a food truck at many of the markets in Dublin.

I catch them at the Bushy Park market on a Saturday for their insanely delicious fried chickhun Asian wrap. You have to get there early enough though as they sell out fast!

I also have stalked them enough to know they supply to Box Burger in bray and Token in Smithfield. Next time you’re in Bray, try their amazing chickpea burger. You won’t be disappointed.

Pro tip: Go to Bushy Park early on Saturday to avoid disappointment. 🙂

Avoca Ireland

Even though Avoca has expanded massively, it still feels like you’re eating something your granny would cook. They just get it right!

They always have such delicious vegan and vegetarian options and the nutloaf is pure comfort food. The soups are also Devine on a cold Dublin day.

Pro tip: Go to the Powerscout location and overlook the stunning grounds.


This gourmet vegan find is absolutely decadent, treasuring vegetables on a divine level.

I first discovered them at the taste of Dublin over the summer and they have since relocated to Dublin 1. The oyster mushrooms are a delight to the palate. I crave them thinking about them. This article is harder to write than I thought it would be. 🤤

Blazing salads

When I’m in town, I go out of my way to make a trip to blazing salads, even just to get their tofu cauliflower pie. (Pictured below.) There is no seating so pop in, fill your box with all the delicious salads and sit on a bench people watching the trendy Dublin City Centre crowd.

Pro tip: Be sure to have a glass of their complimentary mint water on your way out. So refreshing.

Fallon and Byrne

When Fallon and Byrne opened up in Rathmines I had a feeling I would be spending a lot of time there. Now it’s become a weekly staple for our family gathering.

Plenty of space for the buggies, loads of options for all different tastes and fast casual dining.

While my brother will go for a pizza, my dad an artisan sandwich, I am always delighted by the wide range of veggie options on offer. I mainly go for the veggie chilli and rice or the coconut veggie curry- both delicious. They also do a mouth watering pasta if you feel in the mood for carbs. (Carbs, also vegan. 🤗 Winning!)

Pro tip: They have an amazing wine selection and will uncork any bottle bought in the store for a six euro fee so you can enjoy with your meal.

Green Beards

These green bearded lads have done their research. I always go in to buy a fireball shot to ward off any signs of a cold (turmeric, pineapple, ginger and orange juice) and I end up buying at least three things every time. Their protein shakes are better than any desert and they do the yummiest (and healthiest) chocolate nibbles.

Pro tip: They always give you a little taster of a shot at the check out. They’re sound like that.

The Hopsack

First of all, can I just point out how Rathmines is on fire right now! I’m loving the vibe there with the Stella Cinema, Fallon and Byrne (mentioned above) and nestled in the heart of the Swan Shopping Centre is this absolute gem.

It’s primarily a health food grocery store but they also have the most incredible salads and hot counter. The menu options vary daily and seasonally, all plant based and all equally delicious.

Pro tip: Their soup is on another level. Also pick up a metal straw while you’re there. A cool stocking filler idea perhaps. 👌

Shakshuka Restaurant Rathmines.

Any vegetarians will know that falafel will be consumed regularly! I’m not complaining, who doesn’t love a good falafel?!

I have become the falafel expert at this stage. There are some really great options in Dublin such as Passion 4 food, Umi and O’Falafel all of which I frequent regularly.

Shakshuka Rathmines is a really fun dining experience. You can bring your own wine and though it’s no a vegetarian restaurant, there are loads of veggie options. It’s got a great atmosphere so would be fun with a group or a cool date night idea.

Pro tip: You have to bring the wine bottles you bring home with you or they charge you 4 euro which makes sense. 👍


Indian cuisine is always an amazing choice to find vegetarian options. Pickle is truly Indian fine dining, winning ethnic restaurant of the year 2017. While this is not a vegetarian restaurant, their vegetarian tasting plate is an absolute experience and not to be missed.

Pro tip: I would recommend booking well in advance as this restaurant is very popular!

In conclusion,

Vegetarian Ireland is here and it’s damn tasty! There’s no excuse not to begin your veggie journey and start tasting all the amazing plant-based healthy dishes our lovely city has to offer.

I hope you enjoyed this article and are inspired to take on a flexitarian way of life.

Thanks for reading.

Rosalind 🙂


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