My most used baby products from birth to six months. (In no particular order.)

My most used baby products from birth to six months. (In no particular order.)

Since becoming a mum there have been a few essential items I’ve found over the past six months that I absolutely couldn’t have done without! Here are a list of my go to items and products I’d recommend to new parents. (In no particular order.)

1. A nasal aspirator.

Babies are snuffly little creatures and unfortunately they can’t blow their nose. It’s very frustrating to hear your little one all bunged up so I found a nasal aspirator is a great help. I got this Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator in boots and I have used it loads!

2. A potty once they hold their head up. (Early start! I know πŸ™ŒπŸ‘Œ)

They say you should start potty training at about 18 months but I think this rule is made up by the nappy companies tbh. πŸ˜† I firmly believe that once a baby can hold their head up, hold them on the potty twice a day or whenever you think is necessary. In Asia, people have been doing it for years. It’s called intuitive training and I definitely feel it helps the baby’s peristalsis and with relieving gas. It prevents nappy rash and is also way more hygienic.

I don’t have to deal with changing too many heavy poopy nappies and it’s better for the environment. I just simply give him a wipe and flush it down the toilet. Win win for everyone! Happy mom and happy baby. I find the brand of potty doesn’t really matter but I am currently using this one from Ikea.

3. All natural baby products.

I was sent the brand Fifi and Friends to try and I’m a huge fan now. Tamara Ecclestone brought out this range of baby care products and it’s completely natural, organic and smells fantastic. I even use it! It retails at Harvey Nichols and it’s a good price too.

4. Baby bath support.

I don’t think it’s completely necessary to get a baby bath but I did find this baby back support from Cheeky Rascals was great when Theo couldn’t sit up. It’s got a grippy back support so the baby doesn’t slide off and I found it was really handy for us to take baths together also.

5. Waterproof bibs.

Runa baby bibs, an Irish bib brand sent me some bibs for Theo and I always love to support local brands. The waterproof ones have been excellent since Theo has started on solids. Often cloth bibs can soak through when feeding so these waterproof bibs are great to put over the cloth bibs as things tend to get messy!

5. Pram covers.

Bubba baby covers are another Irish brand of super stylish pram covers and perfect to put over my Baby Elegance pram. They shield from the wind, they keep the sun out of the babies eyes, and are great for nap-time. They also double up as a breast feeding cover and have lots of designs to go with your outfits πŸ™‚

6. A stylish yet functional changing bag.

I think a good and stylish changing bag is a must for any new mother as it really will be your most used bag! I found this brand Lucy and Belle on Instagram and I love everything on their website. It’s all divine, but the changing bags are definitely my firm favorites. I have been using the biscuit changing bag in beige on a daily basis.

7. A baby carrier.

Theo is an inquisitive little fella so I love putting him in the Stokke baby carrier and facing him forward. He literally thinks he’s walking around and we both get so much joy out of him exploring the world.

It’s great for newborns too, as they can face towards your chest and nestle in to you asleep while you go about your day hands free.

8. Newborn/ flexible high chair.

I am loving the Stokke baby highchair as it’ll grow with your baby. I found the newborn high chair so handy when I needed to leave Theo down for a minute. Now it is on the next level and he can sit upright. It grows with your child throughout the years and eventually turns into an adult chair. And architecturally, I think it’s really nicely designed.

9. An easy to use pump.

I exclusively breast fed Theo for the first three months and now I do combination feeding. I feed him solids and formula and still nurse him also as he has a huge appetite but he still loves the comfort and taste of nursing. I use a pump when I’m away from Theo for a longer period of time to keep up my supply.

10. Tomee Tippee Prep Machine.

As I mentioned earlier, I am combination feeding Theo currently and I love the Tommee Tippee perfect prep day and night machine. It’s basically the Nespresso for baby bottles. The temperature is just right and it’s always ready to go. It can be found in Mothercare Ireland.

11. Baby sun lotion for sensitive skin.

Theo and I have been on a few sun holidays over the past few months and I have used the sun factor from La Roche Posay a lot. It’s very easy to apply and the factor 50 plus gives me absolute peace of mind. It can be used on the most sensitive of skin.

That’s all the baby products I will mention for now. I’m sure I’ve plenty more to get for the next eighteen years. πŸ˜† Happy parenting moms and dads. You’re all doing awesome!

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