I would describe my fashion sense as minimalist meets elegant. I like to incorporate a flexible way of dressing that allows me to be confident, glamorous and feminine yet still comfortable.

As I am 8 months pregnant I have had to adjust my wardrobe somewhat in the last few months due to my growing little boy. I’ve put on a bit of weight overall but mostly due to my growing bump. I will be sharing some of my top maternity style tips as well as style tips in general.

I have worked as a model for 10 years and have worked with some huge fashion houses including Prada, Miu Miu, Tory Burch and Burberry. While I do love all of these designers, I realise how expensive and impractical it is to dress in these designers all the time especially with trends changing so rapidly. It’s okay to have an indulgent purchase but I mostly buy high street clothes, vintage and am also becoming more aware of dressing ethically.

I tend to wear things over and over, until I am sick of them and give them to a charity shop or to one of my friends or family. I’ve probably picked this up from modelling and having to travel so much that I wasn’t able to accumulate a large amount of clothes so I had to keep things basic.

I do love a few key designer pieces that I will keep forever, but other than that my wardrobe is pretty interchangeable, not excessively priced and I haven’t had to worry about the things I wear. When I wear some pieces I can have fun and if something happens to them during my day-to-day, I won’t be devastated. I hope to incorporate many of these tips on this website such as how to dress well and incorporate high street, ethical fashion and designer pieces, while feeling effortlessly feminine and confident, yet comfortable.

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