My Approach

Hello and welcome to I started this blog as I wanted it to be separate from social media, where I could talk honestly and openly about things I’m going through in my life right now and things that work for me.

A bit about me, I have been modelling in the fashion industry since the age of 17 which has been an amazing experience. It has taken me all around the world living in cities such as Tokyo, Milan, New York and Los Angeles.

I have also completed a degree in Art History and Spanish from UCD. I have a love for the arts and have worked in many galleries throughout the world, including the competitive art scene of New York and Los Angeles.

After having lived for 10 years on and off in the United States, I recently returned back to my home of Ireland. I rekindled with the love of my life and I am now expecting a little baby boy who’s due the end of February 2018. After years of travelling the world and working in both art and fashion, I have accumulated lots of tips and knowledge that I would love to share with all the visitors to this website.

I am an animal lover and a vegetarian for the past six years. I was vegan for a year and a half and still eat mostly vegan food but I find it quite hard to be vegan in this current society, so I label myself plant based or vegetarian and try to be vegan as often as I can.

From modeling, I have gained a knowledge of health and how to manage my weight, while still being healthy and living a life of modest indulgence. I would describe myself as a minimalist, as I like to make minimum effort yet get maximum results. Maybe minimalist can actually be termed lazy but that’s ok with me. All my tips will be minimalist for you to find your most effortless regime of health, beauty, fashion and wellness.

Often we are so bombarded with so many tips and rules about what we should and shouldn’t do, but at the end of the day it’s about achieving your best self and what works for you. I hope to share some of my tips that I have learnt along the way with you guys, so you can find your best self, in the easiest possible way.